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Thank you for your support

What Makes IJF Different?

It's Just Fresh is 100% military Veteran owned. The experience I gained while serving gave me the inspiration I needed and the understanding that you can achieve your goals with hard work and determination.

Making custom sneakers may seem strange, but it is my passion. I wanted sneakers that looked right, felt right, and had their own identity. It took me three months of sewing, effort, and thought to produce my first custom shoe! I entered some competitions. I lost. Losing would not put me down, so I got up and tried again and again.

I’m proud to have launched It's Just Fresh, a new name on the block that I intend to grow. Growth means listening to our customers, taking on feedback, making changes, and hitting goals. But most of all, IJF is about you, and we would be grateful if you could talk to us.

We began with shoes; now we’re in the apparel market, and there is so much more to come. We hope you become part of the IJF family and grow with us.



Check Out Our Online Store Right Now

Before we invite you to check out our stock, we want to tell you why you should become an IJF member. For a monthly fee of $60, we will deliver three exclusive members-only shirts each month.

You’ll also get members-only discount codes and a newsletter keeping you updated with the latest IJF news. Sign up now and become a member of the newest fashion brand family in Chicago.

Now that you know a bit more about It's Just Fresh and where we come from, all that remains is for us to invite you to browse our stock. Quality, comfort, and style – that’s what we have to offer you, and we extend our thanks for supporting our new and exciting brand.

Keep an eye open for new lines at IJF, as we have a lot of ideas ready to become a reality.

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