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Your Everyday Slip–On Shoe

Fresh Sharks come in black color. Made with Everyone in mind. These shoes are made with the comfort of a slipper but the durability to walk outdoors. It’s shark-like gill slits on the sides of every shoe, give your feet the chance to breathe.  

Fresh Sharks; Black

Color: black
    • Materials: Foam Cushion Insole
    • Weight: (Men’s 10-11) 6.1oz
    • Features: Closed toe Exposed Heel
  • All sizes are in European sizes. We recommend the following size conversions in men's and women's sizes. Please be advised that these are recommended sizes only. A good rule of thumb for converting European sizes is to take your US shoe size and add 33 to that number if you are wearing a men's shoe and 31 if you wear a women's shoe. For example, if you wear a US size 10 in men, please add 33 to that number for a 43 EU size in men. For women, sizes add 31. So if you wear a size 7 US in women, your shoe size is likely 38 EU size in women.  



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